Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Daily Report

Technical Difficulties

You may be wondering what's with the buttons? They're eventually going to be a way to activate a "pull-down" menu. Alas, I need to fix a small bug in the page's layout. The buttons now open up web pages that contain links to other sites.

There are also some new sites; Air America, Al Fraken's progressive radio network, Yellow Times, a foreign policy site, and United For Peace And Justice, the large anti-war/anti-imperialist group. I've also added an area for anti-war veterans group.

I hope soon to add pictures from my trips to NYC and Kent State as well.

Dissenters IN the Ranks

The Christian Science Monitor reports that there is a small group of troops who blame Bush for putting them in harms way and support Kerry because of his support for withdrawal.

This ambivalence is especially seen in the National Guard and Reserves.

MoveOn Calls For Bush to Release Iraqi Intel

Common Dreams reports that MoveOn.orgs PAC has called on President Bush to release the National Intelligence Estimate.

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