Thursday, September 16, 2004

Daily Report

Next War--2004

Come Monday, September 20th, you will see a new and improved "Next War"; improved navigation, new links and pictures from my adventures in NYC and Kent State.

Also, work is beginning on the basis of "New Patriot", a "Bush Watch" portal that will encompass "Next War" along with a religious liberty page, a 2nd Ammendment page, and pages devoted to various groups that are sure to feel the sting of another Bush reign.

Iraq Outlook Bleak reports that a National Intelligence Council report mentioned the possibility of an Iraqi Civil War in 2005.

Bin Who?, a service of, reports that Bush has been neglecting the hunt for al Qaeda.

Overextended and undermanned intelligence, and a shift in focus to Iraq are listed as examples.

War Illegal, so Says Annan

Common Dreams reports that Kofi Annan stated during an interview for the BBC that the Iraq War was illegal in violated the UN Charter.

He also questioned the Iraq elections, slated for January.

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