Sunday, August 29, 2004

Parting Thoughts

Well I'm now back home and will soon be going to bed. Six hours on the road and an 8 mile march, plus another 2-3 in other walking will do that to a person.

I think things went well. The "Arrest Cards" I made were useless, but I hope they will direct some traffic to this site. Also most of the pics I took came out, and I'll be spending a good chunk of tomorrow afternoon doing that (I kinda took a half day at FedEx Ground). There was a small disturbance from the "Bush Flock", I belive a bunch of them delibrately tried to block our progress and get a few arrests to boot.

My Dad asked an interesting question, though, "Do you feel you accomplished something?" My answer, "We'll see in November. Hopefully we won't need to make a trip in January".

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