Saturday, August 28, 2004

August 29th Survival Kit

With less than 24 hours to go until the March on Madison Square Garden. I've decided to provide a small survival kit of links to United For Peace and Justice that concern this event.

March Route

While Bloomberg denied UFPJ the right to rally in Central Park, though UFPJ tactics may be to blame also, the march route has changed slightly.

It still will start near 14th St and 7th Avenue and pass Madison Square Garden. But from there the march will proceed east on 34th St, head down 5th Avenue to 23rd St, and march down Broadway, concluding at Union Square Park.

Total distance will be about 8 miles.


A basic list of stuff to bring with you; food, a hat, noisemakers (If only I had a set of YSU clappers), signs, etc.

Legal Info

This is a legal march, but just in case there's trouble from the police, UFPJ has prepared information in case one is arrested.

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