Monday, April 05, 2004

Daily Report

Senators Warned Of Iraqi Civil War

According to the BBC, senior US Senators have warned Bush that the June 30th handover date may lead to an Iraqi civil war.

Blair Made Deal With Devil?

According to the UK Guardian, Tony Blair and President Bush discussed Iraqi regime change nine days after the attacks of 9-11.

This comes from a British Ambassador who will be the subject of an article in Vanity Fair.

A Rally And A Response

Over the weekend our local radio conglomerate held another "Support The Troops" rally. Much like similar events across the country, it was mainly a way for AM-Radio nation to gather to praise the war and it's leaders and criticize those who oppose US Empire:

Local Report

So I asked if anyone from the local peace movement had attended or had any comments. And the comments from a local peace activist and Green Party candidate follow.

In the press article, it says this:

Larry Babbits, a Korean and Vietnam War veteran, asked people to support troops not only while they are fighting, but when they return.

"Whether you support the war or not is of little consequence," he said. "We must continue to support our troops, and when they come home, welcome them with open hearts and open minds."

But I believe it is of great consequence whether or not we support the war. The elite owners of corporate, unaccountable power use our own children, neighbors, nephews and nieces to manipulate our loyalties: when they send them into battle to use force to advance their immoral agendas, we are placed in the untenable position of their coerced either-or proposition----either support the war effort or be seen to be opposing the lives of those you love.

The nonsense of this demand for a "black or white" response to a poisoned mindset deserves our ridicule. Of course we support our used, abused and coopted loved ones and neighbors in the military. We at the same time loathe, repudiate, dismiss and oppose the efforts of militant greed merchants who put them in harms way for their own gain.