Saturday, April 24, 2004

April 23rd Daily Report

Though this goes against my policy of mentioning anything about the deaths of US Soldiers, my sympathies go out to the family of Pat Tillman, the college star who gave up a pro contract to join the Rangers.

That Draft Is Getting Colder

According to the Toronto Star, the idea of a draft is continuing to gain support, especially with Chuck Hagel(R-NE) predicting that this war on terror could last 25 or more years.

MoveOn To Raise $50 Million to Beat Back Bush

MoveOn the successful on-line activist group has announced a plan to raise $50 million dollars to defeat Bush and elect progressives

Saturday Special

Students Try And Show Human Cost of Bush's War

A group of pacifists at Indiana University of PA have taken to erecting small crosses in memory of the soldiers killed in Iraq in an attempt to show the costs of the war.

Collage For Peace?

Over Easter weekend, I visited the memorial to the four students killed during the May 4th demonstrations. I also took pictures.

I'm looking into the possibility of taking those images and making them into a collage for an annual Arts For Peace And Justice Arts Exhibition.