Friday, March 19, 2004

Daily Report

Where Have I Been

Busy. I've had doctors and dentists appointments, inventories, and just other stuff to do.

Take A Stand!

United For Peace And Justice, a group that may have sprung up to combat the "red-baiting" the corporate media had done to the early activities of the new anti-war/anti-imperialst movement, provides a way to see what activities are planned for your home town or area.

Dean's Dream Lives

Yesterday, Howard Dean announced the formation of a new grassroots group that will use many of the same techniques that his Presidential Campaign did, so says Reuters. The group, Democracy For America is dedicated to encouraging and supporting progresive Democratic candidates.

Coalition Unraveling In Light Of Truth?

According to two reports on Common Dreams. A minister in Italy and Poland's president are expressing doubts about the Iraq war.