Friday, March 26, 2004

Daily Report

Clarke Does What Bush Won't Do

According to Reuters, many 9-11 families are pleased that Richard Clarke apologized for failures that may have lead to the attacks.

Anyone Else Feel A Draft

According to Alternet News, there are signs that point to a return to a draft. Overextension of forces, casuality counts, and a drop in enlistments are all factors.

Peace Over War

One last time with the poem, that has also been well-received on Your Poetry Dot Com. What can I say--I'm multi-talented

Right clenched fist.
Oil-fueled blood lust.
Poor men fighting for the rich.
A new empire beckons.

Left open hand,
stop, wait, think.
Question the knowledge.
Ask what you're being fed,
corporate processed
for the protection of the powerful.

I've chosen my path.
Closed hands hide things.
WMD's that can be debunked
with WMI's.

I choose to tread the path of peace.

Peace is pre-emptive.
Eliminate the fuel
and you quench the flame.

Stand like the heroes did.
Fear in their hearts,
fire in their bellies.
We're on a roll now
but need to keep on.