Monday, March 01, 2004

Daily Report

''Anticipating The Capture of Osama Bin Laden''

The following article from Yellow Times, presents a plan for Democrats to gird themselves against the capture of Osama Bin Laden. The article suggests Democrats ask "What has taken so long" to Bush.

Inside Food Not Bombs

My newest source of entertainment on weekends has become my volunteer work with Food Not Bombs. This group of "culinary anarachists" dates back to the height of the Cold War and will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary next year.

The local group may be one of the newest in the organization, but they seem to be well on thier way. They've successfully held feedings, and are starting to build memberships.

Yesterday's "cooking session" was held in a member's house, and with my region of Pennsylvania getting a taste of Spring, I decided to pull out my bicycle and pedal. A quick detour to fill the tires and I was off.

Forty-five minutes later, I arrived at the member's home. Soon after, the rest of the group arrived; many of the members were dressed like it was June or July, showing up in shorts or sandals. I would have worn my clogs, but they aren't good for pedaling a bicycle.

We took a look at what we had and decided that our best bet was to take some chili we had made earlier, cook some rice and make burritos to feed people at an anti-death penalty rally. I also found that the group plans to feed those of us at the March 20th anti-war/anti-occuaption rally.

We also decided to make a vegatable soup that seemed to be a case of "Keep adding stuff to the pot". I had the task of helping to man the stove, and was surprised to see the rice came out after a few touchy moments.

We also discussed the usual talk for FNB, empire, books and I heard some really cool music. I even got a CD burned and took a BLT salad off the groups hands.

As the cliche goes "A good time was had by all".