Saturday, February 07, 2004

Do or Do?

Today is it for the Dean Campaign. A win in Wisconsin, Dean and his army of technically savvy activists live to fight on another day.

But defeat means the end of Dean's Presidential campign, much to the delight of Bush and his Neo-Imperialists and their allies in the Democratic party.

But should it mean the end of the movement that got Dean this far. It seems to me that this movement is what Bush and Company fear the most. Dean represented a new "Grass Roots" movement, a movement that may have begun as some people saw that Bush was going to take the tragedy of September 11th and use it to pursue an imperial agenda that I didn't understand until I read more and more. As long as this movement didn't try and become an electoral force, it was safe. Dean's campaign represents perhaps the first step towards this.

So should Dean drop out, we can't repeat the mistake made over thirty years ago and fold onto ourselves. That mistake may have lead us to this point now. We must keep going. Use sites like MoveOn, and Act For Change to keep pressure on Bush and Congress, rely on Buzzflash and Common Dreams to get the news that Bush doesn't want us to know. Of course, also keep this site as part of your toolbox as well.

We have something going here, something that may have Bush, his handlers, and those who handle the handlers, worried. And remember, very often things don't work on the 1st try.