Monday, February 16, 2004

Daily Report

Two From The Nation.

The February 23 issue of The Nation, has two articles that I feel bear spreading. One is a a look at both sides of the Iraqi Insurgency, and the other a look at defense industry profiteering.

Two Sides

Making Money Off Terror

The Next Yugoslavia

According to an article in the (UK) Financial Times, the increase in attacks by insurgents may be a sign that ther is a need for greater economic and security stability in Iraq.

US Plan Needs Overhaul

According to the (UK)Guardian, a UN envoy believes that work needs to be done on the US plan before elections can be held.; among them writing some sort of electoral law.

I've been censored

According to a member of the Harrisburg Chapter of Food Not Bombs. This site cannot be accessed from computers connected to the Harrisburg Schools District's System.