Thursday, January 01, 2004


In the course of receiving my New Year's day call from the rest of my family, I have received word that my father will be preparing a response to the following article.

One of the more unique Christmas presents I received from my Aunt was an old picture of my Dad from when he was in the Army. I'm amazed at how much the man in the picture, taken in the late 60's or early 70's, looks like me!

Of course, if you ask my Dad, he'd probably say I'd look more like an anti-war protestor. I've seen pictures from that time and I myself think I'd look more like an SDS member than a "hippie".

I'm sure he wonders at some times "What happened"? I myself think that nothing really happened. My views are the result of positive things that he did for myself and my four living sibilings.

The main thing that allowed for this site and the ideas that spawned it was my Dad allowing us to pretty much seek and follow our own interests. A second contributor was my Dad's desire to make sure we stayed up to date on current events; each weekday and each sunday we would get three newspapers and the family recieved subsciptions to many weekly newsmagazines. The final factor was that we children were encouraged to discuss issues of the day, usually over sunday dinner, but also on car trips and during general downtime.

This is not to say that my Dad totally accepts my ideas. In September, when my Alma Mater played Kent State, I had plans to leave early to visit the memorial to the demonstrators who were killed. Needless to say, he didn't seem amused. But I also hope he understands that my views are based on analysis and looking past what the corporate media tells us.

I can only imagine how many parents in the 1960's dealt with "Radical" sons or daughters. I'd like to think that the approach my Dad has taken to me was the one that many took, but I'm afraid that few adopted his approach.

Needless to say, I'm more than a bit surprised at his decision. Not only to respond, but that he will allow me to post his reply.

I wish all a happy and peaceful New Year.