Sunday, December 14, 2003

Statement Regarding Capture of Hussein

At approximately 7:15AM, I receieved word of the capture of Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein. This should essentially mark the end of the war and, hopefully the occupation.

Of course, this poses questions on several fronts. The first is what is the future of this page? This page was designed under the idea that the Afghani attacks and the Iraq War and occupation were part of a greater "War On Terror" that I believe I and many others in the "Anti-War/Anti-Imperialist" movement saw an attempt to start a new "Cold War". I believe there is a good chance that Bush will try and take on another "Rogue State"; Syria may be the next target, so there may be life in this site yet. The expansion into a portal will continue as planned, with a launch date of January 19th 2004.

Other ideas are being considered though; a Howard Dean 'blog, a development blog for New Patriot an idea for a computer game set in a future American Revolution, or an idea for a kind of for Pennsylvania.

I've had fun developing this page, and working on it has allowed me an opportunity to develop new skills; I now know the basics of CSS, and have had opportunities to learn PHP, and parlay my existing Oracle and SQL skills into MySql. I believe these skills will prove useful later on sometime.

Let me reiterate that I am pleased at the capture, but actually fear for the future of the US and perhaps the World.