Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Daily Report

Bad News For Bush and the British Lapdog

According to this article from "Yellow Times", Husseins capture may actually be bad news for Bush and Blair as it brings the realities of occupation more into focus.

I'm Not Calling The Shots

According to the New York Times, Saddam Hussein has denied a role in the current insurgency. Of course, US Government officials are taking these and any responses with a sizable grain of salt.

Bin Laden Hunt Unlikely To Heat Up

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. The capture of Sdaam Hussein is unlikely to prompt officials to intensify the seach for Bin Laden. According to the article much of this is due to differences in resocurces and the contining need to neutralize the resistance in Iraq.

Capture May Fuel Insurgents

According to this commentary from Common Dreams, Hussien's capture may actually fuel the insurgents, as many felt that the Baath Party was orgainizing the insurgency. Also, more foreign fighters may join the insurgency should this occupation become prolonged.