Wednesday, August 13, 2003

AM Report

I don't do this enough, publish my own commentary on this "Next War", but since I can't seem to find any interesting or unique news, I may as well.

On Friday, I headed downtown to do my banking, grab a snack, and visit the annual "Peace And Justice" art exhibition. There was a small problem though, the exhibit wasn't opened yet. I could, however look through the window and see.

And I liked what I saw! There was a tone of dissent in many of the works. People seeing past the flag-waving and what a CEO-dominated media tries to force down so many people's throat. I hope to head down for the closing reception in a week or so so I can see the works up close.

Well when I went to a nearby bagel shop, I met a gentleman who seemed to be an example of the kind of people Bush and the war party are relying on. He seems to believe that patriotism and blind alliegance to a leader are one and the same. Of course, he also came off as a bit of a fundamentialist, as he tried to use the Bible to justify his devotion to his leader.

Maybe this whole thing was a metaphor for the state of this country now. A growing tide of dissent against a group of mind-numbed minions of a leader who relies on black and white thinking and fear-peddling to placate the masses.