Saturday, April 12, 2003

This Is FAR From Over

Once again my schedule (back-to-back-to-back 6AM inventories) has made keeping this site current difficult.

Of course, much of AM-Radio nation would say "Give it up. The war's over, Bush has won." But I don't think this "War on Terror" is over. There's talk that Syria is next on Bush's "Hit List", but I think we'll need to see how the economy does first.

There's another reason this site's gonna stay up. We may have something here! For this first time in my life (I'm 28), I see a strong, ORGANIZED, progressive movement. Now I've always said that the next progressive movement would be driven by the "Anti-Corporate" movement, but situations change. If this coalition can stay together, either by the fact that this is an attempt by the veteran Cold Warriors that are part of the GOP leadership, or just ny not wanting to loose momentum, we may be able to institute some "Regime Change" of our own.

The following articles from The Nation show that there are some people in this movement that are at least thinking long-haul; the question becomes, can these ideas become policy?