Saturday, March 22, 2003

Where've I Been--And Where I'll Be Heading

You would've thought that this site would have been in overdrive. A never ending stream of dispatches from alternative and foreign sources, images of protests, and maybe even audio commentaries, all providing the information about this war that Bush and the war party don't want us to know about.

Well in a perfect world--that's how it would be. Alas, this is not a perfect world. It is a world where I need to work at finding a job, which means developing a project to show employers that I can still develop code. It's a world where I have a car payment to make, and that means making trips to a plasma center to pick up some quick cash. It's also a world where a president can defy the world and invade a country, so that means three separate rallies to attend.

But I also don't think Iraq is the end of the "War on terror". I fear that it's only the beginning of a new "Cold War", which to me means that this anti-war movement needs to become like the nuclear freeze movement that I think has provided at least a few of the local leaders. Of course, that nuclear freeze movement probably had some of its roots in the anti-Vietnam movement as well. I know at least one of the frequent protestors has probably been involved in working for peace since Vietnam, and maybe event before Vietnam.

And this site is going to stay on the case of informing you of how the rebuilding of Iraq is going and of efforts to make Bush accountable for his actions in defiance of the world.

This may not be a perfect world, but there's always room to make it better!