Sunday, February 16, 2003


It looks like the first real battle in the Second Iraq War will be fought in the United Nations Secruity Council. On one side you have the United States and it's British Lapdog urging a policy that will most definitley include some sort of military action, and on the other France with it's policy of continued inspections.

As there is evidence that the inspections are making progress, and it seems to me that destroyed weapons are less harmful than weapons used, I feel that urging the Security Council Members to let inspections to continue is a good plan. It also has the goal of putting Bush and the War Party between a rock (having to give in to world opinion)m and a hard place (unilateral action).

What I'm urging you to do is send an e-mail to the various security council states stating your support for allowing the inspections to continue. Make sure you mention that there is evidence of progress, that no WMDs have yet to be found and that military action against Iraq may only lead to more terrorist attacks.

What I suggest you do is create a letter using a text editor and cut and paste it to each of the following countries: