Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Resolve To Resist

There's always something positive about New Years. A chance to put the past behind oneself and look towards the future.

Alas, at the current rate, it looks like there is a war in our future. But is all hope lost? I say no. But it will take a lot of work by those of us in the anti-war community. So I say that among our resolutions that we resolve to resist.

Basically, I see this as having three basic parts.

1. Get Informed

Since most of the mainstream media is basically reciting the government line, the reality of this "Next War" is to be found in either the sources listed on this page, or foreign media. The (UK) Guardian and (UK) Independent have taken a leading role in providing information that is not constrained by a CEO. Should you prefer your information as sound KPFA Radio and FreeSpeech are excellent sources as well.

2. Get Out There

Basically, we need to start spreading the word beyond our circle. Mention articles you find in Mother Jones and The Nation, e-mail interesting articles to people, or write a letter to the editor.

3. Get Involved

We need to tell our Congresspeople that we don't accept that war is the only option! Call or write your Senators and Representatives, Move On is a great source for action alerts, as is Working For Change. Of course, one other way to send this messsage would be to attend the January 18th Anti-War Rally In D.C. Click on the link to ANSWER for more information on this

We can't afford to continue to hide in fear. The elections showed what can happen when there's no real dissenting voice.